Pre-Employment Checks Solve Some of an Employer’s Biggest Problems


Every employer has had nightmare employees that never should have been hired. These problem employees cause tension in the workplace, are frequently late, and often don’t show up for work at all. A few commit thefts ranging from other employee’s lunches to cash or equipment.

Possibly the worst of the problem employees are those who drive company vehicles with a bad driving record. One serious accident caused by a proven dangerous driver could result in catastrophic liability for the company. Pre-employment driver licence checks in NZ can highlight people who should never be allowed behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

Resumes and Applications Aren’t Accurate

Comprehensive pre employment checks in NZ eliminate a lot of future difficulties. Many employers rely on only one background screening, but performing three key checks is much safer. It’s safe to assume that many job applications contain a lot of false information.

53% of job applications and resumes include at least one falsehood
70% of college students freely admit they would lie to land a job they wanted
10% of job applicants have a criminal record
46% of the references on applications did not provide the information that was suggested on the resume
78% of all resumes are misleading in some aspect
21% of job applicants lie about their educational background

Protect Yourself and Your Business

Thorough checks of prospective employees should include some or all of the following.

Qualifications check (many resumes are misleading on this also)
Reference check
Employment history check in NZ
Proof of identity such as a passport, birth certificate, and driver’s licence
Citizenship or work permits
Checks of credit history
Complete driver licence checks in NZ
Criminal history check
Health assessment
Special Circumstances Require Additional Key Checks

Anyone who will be working with children needs to be checked as specified in the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. This is intended to reduce the risk of harm to children who are being cared for in specific organizations.

Employrite Co. Ltd, New Zealand has been conducting pre employment screening since 1985. We are dedicated to conducting thorough checks for employers of prospective employees. An early elimination of unsuitable applications saves time and money for recruiters and employers, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions. Contact Employrite Co. Ltd ( today to make your hiring process safer and easier.

Benefits of Pre Employment Drug Testing for Auckland Businesses


New Zealand’s laws allow private companies to implement workplace rules for drug testing. If small businesses require workers to be tested for illicit substances, they should have a clear policy on testing. These policies ensure that companies follow regulatory guidelines and they educate employees on the requirements of the job. Below are a few reasons companies engage in pre employment testing in Auckland.


Many employers require drug testing for safety reasons. Any company requiring workers to drive, work with customers, operate heavy machinery, or perform manual labor may mandate drug testing for everyone’s safety. Pre-employment and random employment drug testing are done to protect workers and the public as well as to reassure customers that employees are working safely and coherently.


Some of New Zealand’s regulations require workers in certain industries to be tested before and during their term of employment. The Ministry of Transport requires drug testing for many transport-related occupations, and other industries such as education and healthcare may require testing as well.

Public Relations

Some private companies require employees to submit to drug tests as a way to prove their integrity to the general public. A company’s reputation may rely on its workers’ professionalism and performance. Many firms advertise their drug-testing policies to the public to gain more trust and attract new customers.

The Benefits of Employment Drug Testing

There are many regulations on employment drug testing in Auckland as it pertains to workers’ compensation plans. An employer complying with these regulations may receive a coverage discount or other benefits. Many health insurance providers provide group discounts for companies with drug testing policies, and testing by pre employment screening companies in NZ can reduce the overall cost of employer-sponsored benefit programmes.


Organizations performing random and pre-employment drug tests may use the results to avoid hiring employees who use illicit drugs and to discourage employees from abusing these drugs. After all, it is easier to prevent damage relating to an employee’s drug use than it is to solve problems created by it.

New Zealand’s employers implement drug testing policies for a variety of procedural, public relations, and safety reasons. These policies have numerous benefits, such as reduced insurance costs and increased worker and consumer safety. For more information on drug testing and employment background check services in NZ, please visit Employrite at

Information for NZ Businesses Who Want to Employ Skilled Migrants

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Besides conducting criminal background checks employers are ethically compelled to carry out extensive searches on whether their potential employees may be subject to use of certain drugs which violate the New Zealand employment laws. Hiring drug-free employees is part of maintaining a booming ethical culture which ensures that any organization gets to thrive in any of its set activities.

Drugs do play a huge role in influencing employees behaviors and for a firm to enhance its productivity it is important that only individuals who are self-driving and not under influence of external substances are hired. Employees who are under influence of certain illegal drugs can derail the overall work progress in an organization as these individuals are likely to show a lax attitude if the given drugs that drives them are missing out.

Employees found in possession or have been proven to be using illegal drugs can also mean bad business for an organization as this largely deviates from what is considered a good business culture. Due to this it is therefore important for organizations to conduct regular drug tests on their employees.

Besides keeping up with the corporate business culture, drug tests ensures that employees get to live even healthier lifestyle and this in turn is good for driving their organizational and individual productivity. For a very long time the norm has been organizations relying on medical reports personally submitted by the employees to check on a potential drug abuse. This is largely limiting as it is possible for people who are regularly hooked on certain drugs to pass as clean.

The only way this limitation can be reduced is by hiring employment screening NZ firms. Such firms do feature the best and state of the art medical equipment for drug background checks and the outcome is that employers will always be satisfied with what they pay for. One such firm here in Auckland is Employrite, a company known for its steadfast service delivery concerning best background check service NZ.

Employrite offers many test procedures which can be relied on to offer accurate detail on individual’s drug use history thereby making employers to make the right decision regarding whom they can hire. The drug tests available can be done on yet-to-be hired employees as well as the currently employed ones to ensure that a company gets to keep its employees on the right medical track.

Many companies have been relying on Employrite for pre employment drug testing Auckland as the culture created by the firm is that all the procedures involved are professionally handled to deliver integrity and accuracy in the tests involved. The professionals at Employrite are highly qualified individuals with detailed experience in drug-related tests and can also offer valuable advice to organizations on how employees can get to keep a healthier and drug-free professional lifestyle.

All the tests available are regularly updated to conform to the set government standards and this ensures that any firm which consults Employrite never gets to compromise on any of the published drug-free policies. Clients can easily connect with Employrite as the company’s website is always working and in addition has a lot of drug-testing information that might be of huge interest.

Case Study- It Pays to Do Your Homework when Hiring Staff


When sex offender, Te Rito Henry Miki was sentenced to four years in jail in 2012, it was a wakeup call for all employers in New Zealand. The case, and its sordid details, was an indication of just how crucialemployment screening is. Since 2010, Miki had been under a supervision order, designed to prevent him from interacting with vulnerable children who might become his victims. It all started in 2004 when Miki was convicted of sexual assault involving his fourteen-year-old nephew.

But despite his deeply worrying criminal history and the 2010 supervision order, he was able to find work in six schools. In the court proceedings, it was revealed that he used a fake birth certificate and CV to hide his true identity, thus managing to cover up his deviant past through a series of employments. The worst part of it all was that he was working around children with the potential of turning them into his next victims.

The Importance of Employment Checks

Robust background checks by employers would have easily prevented the above situation, helping ensure the safety of children in these schools. While most job applicants will not have a past as shady as Miki’s, caution should still be your number one priority. Put in place a policy stating that no job offers should be made to potential employees until comprehensive background checks are completed. Why go to all this hustle? Here are 5 big reasons.

1. Protecting your business

A single bad apple in your company can wreak unimaginable havoc. Down the line, they will cost your business a lot of money when you have to repair any damage they have caused. There is also the additional hustle and costs of looking for another employee all over again. An employment check is not expensive but it saves your business a lot of money.

By conducting a thorough background check, you are ensuring that the individual is fit to work in your company and that all provided information checks out. Knowing an individual’s background also helps you understand the person’s strengths, weaknesses and potential. You can use this information to make sure they provide the best value to your organisation.

2. Protecting your employees

It is not just your business that needs protecting, your employees need it too. Imagine if you employed a convicted criminal who had yet to resolve his deviant ways. This puts your employees at great risk of things like violence, theft and even sexual assault.

This is not to say that all convicted criminals should be denied an opportunity to make a living. But it really helps to know the kind of person you are letting into your organisation. If you put your employees at harm by not conducting a proper employment check, you could be held liable.

3. Staying on the right side of the law

Failing to conduct a background check on potential hires is a serious blunder. So serious that it could place you on the wrong side of the law. As mentioned above, the employer could be held liable for negligent hiring where a thorough background check was not performed. Things can get even messier if you work with vulnerable individuals such as kids and the elderly.

Being taken to court will cost you a lot of money and time and could even spell doom for your business. All this negative publicity is also not good for your sales. Save yourself this headache by adhering to comprehensive employment checks on each and every potential recruit who comes through your doors.

4. Getting the right fit

Having the right fit of employees goes a long way in ensuring maximum productivity, continued work cohesion and a good work environment. All three aspects are indispensable in the survival and growth of your organization.

While an applicant will submit information-packed documents, they many not tell the whole story. A good background check will cover things like previous employments, authenticity of submitted references and criminal records. A wrong fit can send your entire business into a tailspin, threatening your growth and survival.

You are better of spending a little money on a background check rather than waste a whole lot more trying to do damage control to your business.

Doing it Right

It is not just enough to conduct an employment check, you need to do it right. Make sure you follow the law and common ethics in carrying out these checks. For example, according to the Privacy Act 1993, employers are required to get a written consent from prospective employees before conducting a criminal history check NZ.

The first step is to hire the right company to conduct the background check. Us here at Employrite, we have years of experience helping employers build the best teams for their organisations. From the top executives to the low ranked secretary, we understand the important of making sure every single person is the light fit for the company. If you are looking for the best experience in the industry, we are here to help.

Hiring the right service ensures that the checks are as thorough as possible. Experienced personnel know what to look for when conducting an employment check. They can see through any lies and deception and uncover the truth. Hiring the right company means more protection for yourself, your business and your employees. It is not an expense but rather an investment in the growth and future of your organisation. 

Employee Background Check Services NZ

Employrite goes as far back as 1985 when background checks on prospective employees was still a novelty. Soon, we discovered that conducting these checks drastically reduced incidences of workplace theft, fraud and general misconduct.

Today, after more than three decades in the business, we know better than anyone else of the importance of employment checks. We have developed our pre employment checks NZ to be comprehensive and strategic. Our experts, a considerable number of whom have experience in conducting investigations, know exactly where to look and what to look for.

Do not risk your company’s future by letting the wrong people in. Let us help you ensure that only the right fits get into your organization. Visit our website at to see more about our services. When there, also check out what our clients have to say and give us a call.