Benefits of Pre Employment Drug Testing for Auckland Businesses


New Zealand’s laws allow private companies to implement workplace rules for drug testing. If small businesses require workers to be tested for illicit substances, they should have a clear policy on testing. These policies ensure that companies follow regulatory guidelines and they educate employees on the requirements of the job. Below are a few reasons companies engage in pre employment testing in Auckland.


Many employers require drug testing for safety reasons. Any company requiring workers to drive, work with customers, operate heavy machinery, or perform manual labor may mandate drug testing for everyone’s safety. Pre-employment and random employment drug testing are done to protect workers and the public as well as to reassure customers that employees are working safely and coherently.


Some of New Zealand’s regulations require workers in certain industries to be tested before and during their term of employment. The Ministry of Transport requires drug testing for many transport-related occupations, and other industries such as education and healthcare may require testing as well.

Public Relations

Some private companies require employees to submit to drug tests as a way to prove their integrity to the general public. A company’s reputation may rely on its workers’ professionalism and performance. Many firms advertise their drug-testing policies to the public to gain more trust and attract new customers.

The Benefits of Employment Drug Testing

There are many regulations on employment drug testing in Auckland as it pertains to workers’ compensation plans. An employer complying with these regulations may receive a coverage discount or other benefits. Many health insurance providers provide group discounts for companies with drug testing policies, and testing by pre employment screening companies in NZ can reduce the overall cost of employer-sponsored benefit programmes.


Organizations performing random and pre-employment drug tests may use the results to avoid hiring employees who use illicit drugs and to discourage employees from abusing these drugs. After all, it is easier to prevent damage relating to an employee’s drug use than it is to solve problems created by it.

New Zealand’s employers implement drug testing policies for a variety of procedural, public relations, and safety reasons. These policies have numerous benefits, such as reduced insurance costs and increased worker and consumer safety. For more information on drug testing and employment background check services in NZ, please visit Employrite at


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