Pre-Employment Checks Solve Some of an Employer’s Biggest Problems


Every employer has had nightmare employees that never should have been hired. These problem employees cause tension in the workplace, are frequently late, and often don’t show up for work at all. A few commit thefts ranging from other employee’s lunches to cash or equipment.

Possibly the worst of the problem employees are those who drive company vehicles with a bad driving record. One serious accident caused by a proven dangerous driver could result in catastrophic liability for the company. Pre-employment driver licence checks in NZ can highlight people who should never be allowed behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

Resumes and Applications Aren’t Accurate

Comprehensive pre employment checks in NZ eliminate a lot of future difficulties. Many employers rely on only one background screening, but performing three key checks is much safer. It’s safe to assume that many job applications contain a lot of false information.

53% of job applications and resumes include at least one falsehood
70% of college students freely admit they would lie to land a job they wanted
10% of job applicants have a criminal record
46% of the references on applications did not provide the information that was suggested on the resume
78% of all resumes are misleading in some aspect
21% of job applicants lie about their educational background

Protect Yourself and Your Business

Thorough checks of prospective employees should include some or all of the following.

Qualifications check (many resumes are misleading on this also)
Reference check
Employment history check in NZ
Proof of identity such as a passport, birth certificate, and driver’s licence
Citizenship or work permits
Checks of credit history
Complete driver licence checks in NZ
Criminal history check
Health assessment
Special Circumstances Require Additional Key Checks

Anyone who will be working with children needs to be checked as specified in the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. This is intended to reduce the risk of harm to children who are being cared for in specific organizations.

Employrite Co. Ltd, New Zealand has been conducting pre employment screening since 1985. We are dedicated to conducting thorough checks for employers of prospective employees. An early elimination of unsuitable applications saves time and money for recruiters and employers, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions. Contact Employrite Co. Ltd ( today to make your hiring process safer and easier.


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